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Gordon Bruce

Over his forty years of experience, Mr. Bruce has had vast hands-on experience in all aspects of the design process—experience in planning corporate design policy and strategy (IBM, Mobil Oil, Polaroid, Samsung, GE, Bühler), writing design standards for major corporate programs, defining product, graphic, interior, and exhibit design problem statements, specifications, research, concept design, human factors / ergonomics, idea refinement, final model construction, drawing, documentation, specifications, and various forms of follow-up. He has worked with engineering, marketing, safety, manufacturing, many scientist and inventors, architects, graphic designers, human factors engineers, and all levels of management. Moreover, he has been involved in many design management issues - writing design proposals, tracking progress and expenses, and making final presentations to the client's lower, middle and senior management and to corporate executive officers.

Early in his career, Mr. Bruce has been involved with a range of projects where the budget, program scope, size and complexity of the project varied greatly. He has designed many hand held, table sitting, floor standing office products—dictation machines, small and large computers and copiers—as well as gas pumps, engines, robots, scientific equipment and many other kinds of devices. He designs products and environments where architecture, interiors, industrial design, and graphics are required to work together by clearly conveying information and enhancing design performance, with a variety of projects from large aircraft, rapid transit vehicles, transit station design, gas station design, exhibition design, to executive aircraft design and ski area signage.