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Ling Hsu

Former scientist and current designer, Ling Hsu has been working as an industrial designer with clients in the US, Europe, and Asia in both public and private sectors, including New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, the Cradle of Aviation Museum, GE, General Mills, MelaFind, Dräger Medical, Bühler Group, Changhong, and Huawei. Prior to a career in industrial design, Ling was trained as a computer scientist at the National Taiwan University, specialized in artificial intelligence--machine learning. Ling has experiences in the computer science field covering areas on the theory, system, hardware, and software. After earning a second master's degree in industrial design at Pratt Institute in New York and completing a scholarship design program at the Denmark Design School, Ling has combined the passion on human centered design and experiences in information technology to create integrated solutions to various design challenges.

Computer Science

With training in computer science from microprocessor system, assembly language, C/C++, compiler, operating system, concrete mathematics, genetic algorithm, and neural networks, Ling Hsu has developed her earlier career on various areas to build a broader understanding of the fast-changing IT industry.  As a system administrator, Ling has maintained the mail server, file server, web server, and workstations running Solaris, FreeBSD, and Linux.  In the Artificial Neural Networks laboratory at National Taiwan University, her research is centered on artificial intelligence, machine learning, specifically on self-organizing map applied to natural language processing.  Ling has developed a semantic search engine and explored computer simulations of human cognition processes on memory association, and concept formation.  

Industrial Design and Interaction Design

To explore the potential among hardware, software, services and systems, Ling Hsu has earned a second Master’s degree in industrial design at Pratt Institute in New York.  At the TKDG Design Group, she works on diverse projects from medical equipment, electronics, to packaging.  She also develops user research and information mapping methodologies with team members along the design process. Ling works with Gordon Bruce to run a program at Sichuan Changhong and Shenzhen Huawei in China to shift the mindset of designers and managers.  They have conducted a workshop in Guangdong Industrial Design Institute to a group of design directors and managers for a design EMBA program, developed design guidelines and a digital design education platform for Bühler Group, as well as held workshops in Switzerland to train the engineers on industrial design.  At GE Appliances at Louisville, Kentucky, they have conducted a design audit and developed methodologies to communicate design realities to top managers and build consensus for moving design forward. Ling Hsu is also an active member at the Interaction Design Association in New York City. She uses infographics to identify and communicate design opportunities in a complex system, whether it is a tangible product, an intangible experience, or strategies on organizational change.