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Clients overview

We have had extensive industrial design consulting experience for more than 40 years with companies in the USA, Europe and Asia. 

We are very lucky to have worked with many excellent companies both large and small. In order to transform their business performance by improving their design reputation, our clients understand the benefits they will gain from developing a larger vision that integrates design strategy, processes, talent, and innovative values with supportive environments that are controlled with coordinated principles. These companies realize that their success is due to a unified and systematic design program.  At the CEO level, these companies recognize the real value of good design.

Case Studies

Having worked with many successful design-focused multinational corporations like IBM, Westinghouse, Samsung, GE, Siemens, Porsche Design, TI, Bühler etc., we know that the pathway to their design success is based on how well these companies express the same qualities to their customers through their products and services that also express the soul (attitude) of the company. Please share the case studies of Bühler, GE, IBM, Samsung, and our approaches to achieve design visions and sustained growth with our clients.