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1972 - 1984

There were many IBM Projects that Mr. Bruce worked on during this time period while with the Eliot Noyes office. Mr. Noyes was the Consulting Director of Design, Architecture, Graphics, Interiors, Art and Exhibits and he developed all the design strategy, and guidelines for the company which all designers had experience in, so there was vast exposure to design at all levels.

Executive Recorder – Project manager – AWARDS: Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) New York City, Permanent Design Collection; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, Permanent Design Collection Gold Metal from ID magazine

Cummins Engine Company:
Engines, executive aircraft, design standards

Mobil Oil:
Service stations, merchandising equipment, executive aircraft, design standards

Rapid transit vehicles, signage, home products and exhibit design

Laboratory, scientific / medical instruments, exhibits, robotics

Pan American Airlines:
Aircraft interiors, service items, design standards

NASA / Rockwell:
Habitability space station study

Exxon Office Systems:
Office products / computers

Singer Company:
Mechanical / electronic sewing machines