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1995 - 1998

In 1995 Mr. Bruce was hired as the Chairman of the Product Design Department for the Innovative Design lab of Samsung – ids – located in Seoul and Championed by Samsung's Chairman, Lee, Kun-Hee.

In 1996, Chairman Lee designated 1996 as the" Year of Design Revolution" for all of Samsung's products.

Corporate Design Program

Mr. Bruce had to create a new curriculum that was special to Samsung / Korean needs.  He evolved an integrated system to help Samsung’s designers design more creatively, globally and appropriately based on key design principles that were interwoven – linking all components of the curriculum together using both trimester projects with year-long projects to enable designers to get to the real issues.

Based on the same principles from IBM, Bruce taught ids designers about design continuity to enhance Samsung's brand reputation through improved product experience and consistency within a design program that highlighted and evolved Samsung's corporate core design qualities. Different teams of designers at ids designed these examples of medical equipment with these principles in mind.