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Mr. Bruce was hired by Samsung Electronics as Product Design Chairman for ids--the Innovative Design Lab. of Samsung, in Seoul. The purpose of this program was to re-educate the designers with new insights and skills while coaching how to develop a future design strategy that would take Samsung from a poorly regarded domestic company to a highly competitive global company based on an improved design reputation.

Design Management

Bruce taught Samsung's management about the benefits of good design. Mr. Bruce served as a design advisor and judge for Samsung's Design Strategy Center. He advised Samsung's management concerning the selection of international design consultants for their Product Strategy Center.

Global Thinking

Mr. Bruce and James Miho developed and managed the 'Global Design Workshops'—a series of design lectures / raconteurs held in Asia, USA and Europe. Global experience, when combined with the Seoul based instruction, innovation and computer skills (tools), reinvented the young designer's minds, abilities and creative skills. Chairman Lee certainly deserves all the credit for his wisdom.

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