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1999 - now

Pellet mill, hammer mill, beater blade mill, coffee roaster, pasta press, corporate design program, internal design training, design workshop, product design guideline, digital guideline strategy

GE Appliances:
Design audit, corporate design strategy, enhance internal communications, visualized intelligence on design landscape

Lenovo's "Consulting Design Committee Chairman" at Lenovo's Innovation Design Center (IDC), in Beijing and has been design Advisor and Mentor for Legend / Lenovo IDC (Beijing) since 2003

Huawei design center, corporate design strategy, process, standard, guidelines, internal training, communications with upper management

Sichuan Changhong:
Advanced product design, corporate design strategy, global design workshop, internal design training, advanced strategies and methodologies

Salt Lake City Public Library:
Commissioned by Moshe Safdie to design the furniture—chairs, desks, carrels, etc.—for Safdie's design of the Salt Lake City Public Library.

Product Design Identity program

Worked with Sam Lucente and Peter Lawrence of the Corporate Design Foundation regarding an internal design education strategy

Taiwan Design Center:
Advisor on design strategy

FA Porsche Design:
Help establish Porsche Design Studio North America,
golf putters

Ergonomic office accessories

Medical equipment

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey:
Train accessories