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How can we improve the well-being of seven billion people with quality nutrition? The food processing industry is going through a revolution. With more than 150 years' of experience, our client Bühler is leading the industry by investing in good design.


The pellet mill we have developed with Bühler won the 2011 Victam Innovation silver award at Cologne in Germany. The patented design of the "revolutionary the DPEF Pellet Mill" was a close collaboration among designers, all stakeholders of our client and the customers. The results are doubled sales than predictions, superior usability, patent protection, 15-30% less energy consumption, and leadership on the market through product performance.

Design Program

The success of the pellet mill instigated interest in design thinking within the organization of our client. We have been working with Bühler since to integrate design philosophies into the corporate spirits. We use a diverse range of approaches such as digital media, a PI platform, and educational workshops. Our client has achieved business performance by coupling human-centered design principals with the excellence of Swiss engineering at the early stage of product development. Step by step, Bühler is building a clear design vision, a consistent product identity, a new process, and shared communications across product lines.