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Clients in Asia

Samsung Electronics:
Product, multimedia and automotive design curriculums and an academic structure for the 'Innovative Design Lab. of Samsung', ids—the first and only internal, corporate design institution. Consulted with the Arnell Group, NYC, to interpret research information into a global branding strategy for Samsung Electronics. Served as Product Design Chairman for ids, Innovative Design Lab, of Samsung in Seoul.

Lenovo's "Consulting Design Committee Chairman" at Lenovo's Innovation Design Center (IDC), in Beijing and has been design Advisor and Mentor for Legend / Lenovo IDC (Beijing) since 2003

Huawei design center, corporate design strategy, process, standard, guidelines, internal training, communications with upper management

Sichuan Changhong:
Advanced product design, corporate design strategy, global design workshop, internal design training, advanced strategies and methodologies

Product Design Identity program

Taiwan Design Center:
Advisor on design strategy

Kitakyushu Project:
Kitakyushu / ACCD International Interactive Media Conference' in Kitakyushu, Japan


AXIS Magazine, Japan, Monthly Design and "Seoul", Korea, and other Chinese publications


Chinese Industrial Design Forum
Organized by CIDA, Shenzhen, China

Taipei, Taiwan, June 2004

LiteOn Design Competition
Jury Chairman, Taipei, Taiwan, March 2005

Lotus Prize
Changsha, Hunan, China, January 2009

LiteOn Competition
Taipei Taiwan, September 2010


Shin-Chien University
Taipei, Taiwan

Northwestern Polytechnic University
Xi'an, China

University Science and Technology
Beijing, China

Tsinghua University & advisor
Beijing, China

Hunan University
Changsha, China

Guangdong, China


Kyoto Design Conference

Korean Association of Industrial Designers

Innovative Design Lab of Samsung

Samsung Electronics
Various business groups in Korean

The Wuxi International Design Conference
Wuxi, China

Shih-Chien University
Taipei, Taiwan

Seoul National University
Seoul, Korea

Industrial Design Forum
Shenzhen, P. R. China

Northwestern Polytechnic University
Xi’an, P.R. China

Legend (Lenovo) Computer Company
Beijing, P.R. China

Lite-On Ltd
Taipei (June 2004)

Shu-Te University
Taiwan (June 2004)

Taiwan Design Center
Taiwan (June 2004)

Hunan University
Changsha, PR China (September 2004)

Changsha University of Science and Technology
Changsha PR China (September 2004)

Wuxi International Design Festival
Wuxi, PR China (September 2004)

2004 Biennial ROC-USA Business Conference
Taipei (November 2004)

National Taiwan University of Arts
Taiwan (November 2004)

Taiwan (November 2004)

Taiwan (November 2004)

Lite-On Ltd.
Taipei (March 2005)

University of Science and Technology Beijing
Beijing, (July 2005)

Tsinghua University
Beijing - Advisor to the Industrial Design Department
(June 2006)

UPA Conference
Beijing 2007

Lotus Prize
Changsha China, January 2009

Tsinghua International Design Management
Symposium, Beijing April, 2009

Yangzhou Design & Government Conference
Yangzhou April, 2009

Nanjing Art & Design Academy
Nanjing April 2009

Nokia Research Center
Beijing April 2009

Skyworth, Shenzhen
China July 2009

Shunde Design Conference
Shunde, China August 2009

Kushan Design Awards
Kunshan, China October 2009

Tsinghua University
Beijing, China October 2009

Shih-Chien University
Taipei July 2010

LiteOn Competition,
Taipei September 2010