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Clients in Americas

GE Appliances:
Design audit, corporate design strategy, enhance internal communications, visualized intelligence on design landscape

Virtual campus for ETH, office products, computers, Watson Research Center hi-tech interiors, robotics, scientific / laboratory instruments, exhibits, design standards, CI, strategic design, innovation workshops

Salt Lake City Public Library:
Commissioned by Moshe Safdie to design the furniture—chairs, desks, carrels, etc.—for Safdie's design of the Salt Lake City Public Library.

Worked with Sam Lucente and Peter Lawrence of the Corporate Design Foundation regarding an internal design education strategy

FA Porsche Design:
Help establish Porsche Design Studio North America,
golf putters

Ergonomic office accessories

Medical equipment

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey:
Train accessories

University of Illinois, Urbana – Champaign:
School of Art and Design Professor

Art Center College of Design:
Consulting Vice President of International Relations

Mobil Oil:
Gas stations, graphics and merchandising equipment, corporate identity

Thinking Machines Company:
Massively parallel processors (super computers) NASA: Goddard Space Center- Workstation

Texas Instruments:
Security control center and equipment

Laser eye surgery equipment

Advanced camera design, corporate design policy and exhibit design

Handheld communication devices

Office furniture – Office of the Future Champion Paper: Exhibit design

Drink and vending dispensers

Cummins Engine Company:
Engines, executive aircraft, design standards

Mobil Oil:
Service stations, merchandising equipment, executive aircraft, design standards

Rapid transit vehicles, signage, home products and exhibit design

Laboratory, scientific / medical instruments, exhibits, robotics

Pan American Airlines:
Aircraft interiors, service items, design standards

NASA / Rockwell:
Habitability space station study

Exxon Office Systems:
Office products / computers

Singer Company:
Mechanical / electronic sewing machines


MoMA, New York:
Museum of Modern Art, Permanent Design Collection, IBM Office Product

Smithsonian, Washington DC:
Smithsonian's National Museum, Permanent Design Collection, Singer Sewing Machines and Thinking Machine


I.D., Industrial Design, Time, Science Digest, Scientific American, Design Management Institute


School of Architecture
School of Mechanical Engineering, CT, USA
(advising a new entrepreneurial design program)

Alias Wave Front
Toronto, Canada

"Designnovation" Competition
(organized and judged for five years)

I.D. Magazine
Design Awards


Corporate Design Foundation
New York City

International Design Conference in Aspen
Aspen, Colorado

Rhode Island School of Design

Massachusetts College of Art

Art Center College of Design
Los Angeles, California

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Art and Design

University of Michigan
Art and Design

New York City

St. Louis Conference on lifelong learning

How Design Conference
San Francisco, Keynote

Institute for International Research
Design and Culture Miami

IBM Design Center
RTP Raleigh, North Carolina

IDSA Midwestern Design Conference
Chicago (April 2004)

Associations of Professional Design Firms
Miami (May 2004)

IDSA National Conference
Austin, Texas, 2006

DMI Design Management Institute
Vermont, USA, 2006

New Canaan Historical Society
Eliot Noyes 2007

Knoll Showroom
New York City Eliot Noyes 2007

Oliver Wolcott Library
Eliot Noyes 2007

DMI Workshop
San Francisco, 2007

Architectural Historic Society
Eliot Noyes Home, New Canaan 2007

Changhong Workshop
Global Design Journey in NYC and DC 2008

Fuse Conference
New York City, April 2008

Samsung Electronics America
San Francisco

Front of Innovation Boston
May 2008

Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art
May 2008

University of Kansas
September 2009

IDSA International Conference
Miami Florida, September 2009

GE - Consumer and Industrial Group
Louisville, KY November 2009

GE - Appliances
Louisville, KY September 2010

Harvard University / GSD
Cambridge, MA November 2010

IBM and its Global Branding Agencies
Ogilvy, NYC, February 2011