world map North America


Corporate Design Foundation
New York City

International Design Conference in Aspen
Aspen, Colorado

Rhode Island School of Design

Massachusetts College of Art

Art Center College of Design
Los Angeles, California

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Art and Design

University of Michigan
Art and Design

New York City

St. Louis Conference on lifelong learning

How Design Conference
San Francisco, Keynote

Institute for International Research
Design and Culture Miami

IBM Design Center
RTP Raleigh, North Carolina

IDSA Midwestern Design Conference
Chicago (April 2004)

Associations of Professional Design Firms
Miami (May 2004)

IDSA National Conference
Austin, Texas, 2006

DMI Design Management Institute
Vermont, USA, 2006

New Canaan Historical Society
Eliot Noyes 2007

Knoll Showroom
New York City Eliot Noyes 2007

Oliver Wolcott Library
Eliot Noyes 2007

DMI Workshop
San Francisco, 2007

Architectural Historic Society
Eliot Noyes Home, New Canaan 2007

Changhong Workshop
Global Design Journey in NYC and DC 2008

Fuse Conference
New York City, April 2008

Samsung Electronics America
San Francisco

Front of Innovation Boston
May 2008

Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art
May 2008

University of Kansas
September 2009

IDSA International Conference
Miami Florida, September 2009

GE - Consumer and Industrial Group
Louisville, KY November 2009

GE - Appliances
Louisville, KY September 2010

Harvard University / GSD
Cambridge, MA November 2010

IBM and its Global Branding Agencies
Ogilvy, NYC, February 2011


Kyoto Design Conference

Korean Association of Industrial Designers

Innovative Design Lab of Samsung

Samsung Electronics
Various business groups in Korean

The Wuxi International Design Conference
Wuxi, China

Shih-Chien University
Taipei, Taiwan

Seoul National University
Seoul, Korea

Industrial Design Forum
Shenzhen, P. R. China

Northwestern Polytechnic University
Xi’an, P.R. China

Legend (Lenovo) Computer Company
Beijing, P.R. China

Lite-On Ltd
Taipei (June 2004)

Shu-Te University
Taiwan (June 2004)

Taiwan Design Center
Taiwan (June 2004)

Hunan University
Changsha, PR China (September 2004)

Changsha University of Science and Technology
Changsha PR China (September 2004)

Wuxi International Design Festival
Wuxi, PR China (September 2004)

2004 Biennial ROC-USA Business Conference
Taipei (November 2004)

National Taiwan University of Arts
Taiwan (November 2004)

Taiwan (November 2004)

Taiwan (November 2004)

Lite-On Ltd.
Taipei (March 2005)

University of Science and Technology Beijing
Beijing, (July 2005)

Tsinghua University
Beijing - Advisor to the Industrial Design Department
(June 2006)

UPA Conference
Beijing 2007

Lotus Prize
Changsha China, January 2009

Tsinghua International Design Management
Symposium, Beijing April, 2009

Yangzhou Design & Government Conference
Yangzhou April, 2009

Nanjing Art & Design Academy
Nanjing April 2009

Nokia Research Center
Beijing April 2009

Skyworth, Shenzhen
China July 2009

Shunde Design Conference
Shunde, China August 2009

Kushan Design Awards
Kunshan, China October 2009

Tsinghua University
Beijing, China October 2009

Shih-Chien University
Taipei July 2010

LiteOn Competition,
Taipei September 2010


The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering
Stockholm, Sweden

Luxembourg Business and Design Conference

European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management
Siena, Italy

CID / DMI Conference
Prague, New Czech Republic

Innotown, Design and Innovation conference
Aslesund, Norway

Business to Business
Stockholm, Sweden 2007

Red Dot Awards Ceremony,
Essen, Germany June 2009

Design Parade,
Villa Noailles, Hyères, France July 2009