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The transformation of Samsung from a domestic player to a global powerhouse demonstrates the power of a corporate design program and the rewards for rigorous corporate design education. Visionary leaders invest in their own people, enabling design to drive growth at the strategic level side by side with all stakeholders.

Internal Corporate Training

What is the best way to kick-off a project besides a meeting? Our clients work with us from the beginning of a project, using hands-on design workshops to engage decision makers in different departments upfront, synthesizing research and intelligence, paving ways for effective communications and collaborations along the product development process.

We also tailor workshops for management, marketing, engineers, and designers based on the needs and objectives of our clients.

Global design workshops

Immerse your team in the context of global culture and history to discover patterns of innovation and gain valuable insights on future directions.

Design Schools

We conduct training sessions in design schools to help future design talent navigate real-world challenges in their career.